Tour FAQ

What is the difference between the Fenwick Tour and the Hanover Tour?

There is virtually no difference between the two tours. Because we invite 48 people out per day but only utilize one bus, and one tour guide, we naturally need to split the larger group into two smaller halves. We are all together for the first third of the tour and then we split up and one group will visit the bogs while the other group enjoys the food tasting. Once that second part of the tour is finished the two groups change places. We have found that having the groups divided at the time of the ticket purchase helps to save time and ensures that your party stays together while you are with us. If you have 5 people in your party and you purchase 5 Hanover tickets, then you’re five people will be together the entire time. We’ve chosen the names Hanover and Fenwick for our groups, to figure out what connection those names have to the farm, you’ll just have to pay attention once you’re here.

What time should I plan to arrive for my tour?

Please plan to arrive about 15 – 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time. This will help us to get started on time and ensure the best coordination with the work crews. (Keep in mind that we are not a demonstration farm, but an actual working farm, and we don’t want to be late and catch the crew on break or lunch.)

What can I expect in relation to parking?

When you arrive you will see signs with our Pine Barrens Native Fruits, LLC logo directing you to parking. The bus will depart from the parking area; restrooms are also nearby. 

What can I expect on the bus?

The bog tour will be on a bus with couch seating and panoramic view windows. Brenda will have a microphone, so visibility and hearing should be the same for all seats. The bus is climate controlled; however, if you tend to be chilled easily you may want to bring along a light sweatshirt or jacket. (Mornings can also be significantly colder here than in town.)

Is there an opportunity to go into the bog?

No, no one is allowed in the actual bog for several reasons. There are perimeter and interior ditches that if you are unfamiliar with, would put you in water over your head with waders full of water holding you down. There is mandatory training that each of our team members must go through to ensure food safety, equipment safety, etc. before entering a bog. Because we are a working farm, you are getting to see “the real deal” of cranberry harvest in action.

Will there be an opportunity to take pictures?

Pictures are allowed and even encouraged, however, due to safety and insurance regulations everyone must remain on the bus while we are on the bogs. Tom, our bus driver, is also a photographer and will be happy to stop the bus and open the doorway so you can get those picturesque shots from on the bus without window glare or vehicular interference.

How long is the tour?

The complete tour experience typically lasts about 3 hours.

Are restrooms available?

Clean, well-maintained, portable-style bathroom and hand-washing facilities are available before and after the tour.

Are there food concessions?

There are cold drinks, but minimal concessions beyond that. (Groups may request boxed lunches with at least a week’s notice.)
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