For several years now my team has been encouraging me to share online.  This is not a format I’m at all comfortable with, so we are making a deal.  I will write an occasional “letter,” sharing some thoughts, ponderings, ideas, interests, and sometimes some obscure knowledge I’ve managed to gain.  They will call it a “blog” or a “post” and add enhancements, such as photos, illustrations, etc. and then they will distribute it to those who might be interested, through various online formats.   You are invited to receive it as a letter, an email, an update on our website, or as a social media posting.   Let us know your preference. 

Happy New Year!!

I hope the turn of the year finds you in good health, good circumstance, and good humor! 

We are well, although a bit weary of world events, as is most everyone these days.  So this coming year I am determinedly focusing on things that bring joy.  Joy is much better than happiness … the word happy is derived from the word “hap,” which was associated with pleasant coincidence and/or good luck.  Joy, however, is a state of delight of the mind and heart.  So while I certainly hope everyone has happiness, it is that deeper and more resilient state of joy that I wish for you more. 

So what brings you joy?  It is on that which we need to focus in the upcoming year.  For me, that is God, family, freedom, honest work, cooking, history, and all things old and simple (much to my husband’s dismay as he prefers things new and mechanical – lol).   As the year progresses, I will be sharing some of our joys, and I hope you will feel free to share with us some of yours!  Let’s make it a mission to encourage each other in joy this year!


Brenda Conner

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