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Cannonballs to Cranberries

ColonialCanonsmThe story of NJ’s Pine Barrens through the Revolution presented by Brenda Conner.

New Jersey’s contributions to the War for Independence affected not only its citizens, but also its natural environment — nearly to the point of complete ruin. Learn about how Joe’s ancestors were instrumental in moving the metal industries westward, thereby greatly reducing the over-harvesting of forests to make charcoal for furnaces and the strip mining for bog iron. As these industries left the area several Piney families acquired large tracts of the “barren” land and healed them through native agriculture. We know it today as the Pine Barrens, the largest area of open space between Boston, MA and Richmond, VA.

New Jersey was known as the “Crossroads of the Revolution.” This program covers a lot of New Jersey’s colonial history, its part in the Revolution, including stories of smuggling and rebellion, relationships and politics, industry and innovations. New Jersey has some of the richest American history of any state in the Union. From the Tea Act to Tea Parties, tea was front and center. Tea was enjoyed by everyone in colonial days, and knowing your teas and your tea etiquette was part of the cultural fabric of the colonies. Choose your own tea at our Tea Bar; and during the program we will tip our caps and cups to some of our colonial history!

Expect to spend about 2.5 to 3 hours learning some of NJ’s lesser-known history. 

(*Weather permitting, we will also have a colonial cooking demonstration.)

Saturday, February 24th 1:00 pm

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